Since 1973, Tyne Valley has been the home of the Canadian Oyster Shucking Championship. From its humble beginnings, it has grown into an event that is unforgettable to most in attendance. Oyster shuckers from across the country travel far and wide to perform like rock stars on the main stage. With all eyes on them, it’s a mixture of excitement and nervousness as the whistle blows and they begin opening the finest PEI oysters.


Be the fastest and cleanest in all of Canada. It’s not an easy feat. While this is highly competitive, you would be surprised by the camaraderie seen as these people from all across the country come together and celebrate the one thing they have in common; their love for the Malpeque oyster. This is a competition that cannot be missed!


The best in the country is crowned right here in Tyne Valley. This championship is the only official qualifier in Canada for the Worlds. If you want to see our nation’s finest, you need to be here!


In 2014, the Tyne Valley Oyster Festival broke a Guinness world record. A team of 10 shuckers from across Canada shucked a total of 8840 oysters in a single hour! Read all about it here.

Past Champions

2019 – Jason Naggy – Montreal, QC
2018 – Eamon Clark – Toronto, ON
2017 – Eamon Clark – Toronto, ON
2016 – Daniel Notkin – Montreal, QC – 1:46
2015 – Eamon Clark – Toronto, ON – 1:16
2014 – Eamon Clark – Toronto, ON
2013 – Mike Langley – Niagara Falls, ON – 1:37
2005 – John Bil – Toronto, ON
2003 – Patrick McMurray – Toronto, ON
2002 – Patrick McMurray – Toronto, ON (World Champion)
2001 – John Bil – Toronto, ON
2000 – Patrick McMurray – Toronto, ON
1999 – Patrick McMurray – Toronto, ON
1997 – John Bil – Toronto, ON
1975 – Joe Labobe – Lennox Island, PE
1974- Joe Labobe – Lennox Island, PE
1973- David Banks