The Community

The Tyne Valley Oyster Festival and Rock The Boat Music Festival are completely volunteer organized, with all proceeds going back to directly support over 50 organizations within the community. It’s events like these that allow our small communities to thrive. In 2018 alone, we were able to give the sports centre $52,000 which paid off the remaining balance on the mortgage (you can read more about it here). Just by showing up, you are helping send a kid to summer camp, making hockey and figure skating more affordable for our youth, or funding essential services like our fire department.
Our sponsors recognize the importance, value, and beauty of small communities like Tyne Valley, and partner with us to make these festivals happen. It’s our pleasure to bring you this festival, and their honour to give back and invest in the places we work, live, and play. Together we create this historic weekend once again, gathering people near and far, uniting us in our love of oysters, music, and a great party!

Our Fishers & Growers

We don’t take for granted that the producers of the finest malpeque oysters are right here in our own back yard. In the spirit of the festivites, they come together to donate the entire oyster supply for the weekend!

Additional Sponsors